GLOBCOIN is a digital Coin that marries the best aspects of current cryptocurrencies with the best aspects of fiat currencies. The value of the coin (GLX) is linked to a basket of fiat currencies of the 15 largest world economies and 5 % Gold.

Its value reflects the world economy including its new components and trends such as the booming economies of countries like China or India, while maintaining a good balance of the currencies of Western economies.

Best of both worlds

A digital currency combining the benefits of Blockchain technology with the stability of a basket of “traditional currencies”.

Backed token

100% backed token, 1-to-1 held in transparent and audited reserves.

Risk management

Lock-in the value of your crypto portfolio and protect against drawdowns and volatility.

Currency neutrality

Currency neutral mean of payment ideal for P2P transfers.

Talented team

Team combining FX and blockchain experience, successful entrepreneurship.

Strong partnerships

Partnerships with exchanges and trusted banks.