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Compatible wallets

The following wallets are known to be compatible with GCP ERC-20 digital asset (ERC-20 standard):

Please contact us at if you have updates to the compatible wallet list for GCP ERC-20 digital asset.

Incompatible wallets

The following wallets and exchanges are known to be incompatible with GCP ERC-20 digital asset (ERC-20 standard):

What is a currency basket?

A currency basket is a wallet or portfolio of different currencies. Just like putting any goods in a basket, the market talks of ‘currency baskets’ as a selected grouping of national currencies, and in the future of national AND cryptocurrencies. Globcoin has selected 15 currencies and gold, and run them as a basket we abbreviate to GLX.

What is the difference between GCP and GLX?

GCP = Globcoin Crypto Platform. GLX = the basket of 15 currencies and gold referred to in our use case, already running in traditional markets. GCP is a utility token that allows the platform to be developed, and where you share in the growth of the platform’s use. For further details please refer to the Whitepaper.

What are you doing to prevent hacks and to be safe?

Our crowdsale smart contracts have been created by our partner and a reputable company Blockchain Partner. Followed by the completion of the smart contracts we had it audited by an equally well known third party who have no prior relationship with Blockchain Partner. Due to the recent hacks in the blockchain industry, we thought it was important to also let the community have a stab at finding any bugs with the code, so we put in place a bug bounty program with significant rewards for finding bugs but in the last three weeks there have been no bugs reported. The Top-Level-Domain is protected by DNSSEC, and the website is served over HTTPS secure communication protocol that is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS).

How can you assure stability for GLOBCOIN tokens?

We are launching a proven product (as use case GLX) from a proven team on an established and viable platform (GCP). All our pre-marketing suggests this will be a successful development. GLOBCOIN has been at the cutting edge of the currency management industry, providing innovative currency solutions to global investors. It is backed by real asset with unlimited supply that enables sustainability. Fair quotation and almost 0 spread make it a better means of exchange P2P payments like Venmo, PayPal and Square Cash which allow users to send one another money from their mobile devices through a linked debit card but it is in one currency. Enabling P2P payments to be “currency neutral” is a big step forward in this growing industry.

If the tokens are so stable, how can I expect to make monetary gains?

The price appreciation of GCP will be driven by the rate of adoption of the Platform and the success of each currency basket that are launched using the infrastructure. As the GCP token holders do not receive any dividends and there is a limited number of tokens issued, if GLOBCOIN is widely adopted the value of the tokens is expected to increase.

Who is your target audience?
  • The crypto currency community. GLOBCOIN is the first proposition to fill the gap between the crypto world and the world of fiat currencies. We have a solution for holders of cryptos who want to diversify at least part of their portfolio into another altcoin.
  • Individuals who have an exposure to the volatility of currencies, such as: Students Business Travellers, holiday takers, expatriates, online shoppers, Global Nomads, and want to access use case GLX through participating in the GCP platform.
How can GCP tokens be used in the future? What does the owner get from them?

Participation in a growing scheme as the GCP infrastructure builds out and we capture transactional fees from the currency baskets we launch. We have looked at information from the existing few companies offering tokenised fiat currencies such as USDT. From there, we have made assumptions about what volume of the market can be captured by larger and more flexible solutions like GLOBCOIN and applied our basic fee schedule, which you can find in the Whitepaper.

When can I trade my digital assets? And where?

You are now able to trade your GCP digital assets on Lykke and will be able to trade both GCP & GLX on our own platform, when we have finished to develop this and subject to regulatory approval. We are currently in talks with 3 of the major currency exchanges for GLX and plan to reveal our final decision upon completion of the regulatory framework.

What kind of token is GCP?

GCP is a utility token designed to support transactions on the Globcoin Platform. GCP allows participation in the development of the platform; and to help add other tokenized currency baskets. It is not a security token.

Can I mine GCP tokens?

No, you cannot mine GCP tokens.