Some of your Questions:

Q. What is a stablecoin?

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency with a stable price. This price stability is usually achieved by giving the coin a fixed position against another stable asset, for example the USD or another fiat currency, gold, real estate assets, another cryptocurrency or a basket of currencies.

Q. What is a currency basket?

A currency basket is a wallet or portfolio made of different currencies. The weighting or proportion of each currency inside the basket is determined by the purpose of that specific basket.

Q. What are the advantages of currency baskets?

Currency baskets are based on diversification: instead on trusting your wealth or savings to ONE single currency, you will put them in a basket filled with SEVERAL currencies, carefully selected by a professional team. The weighting of each currency inside the basket is carefully studied and determined in a way that it ensures stability for the whole basket. Diversification is the best protection against currency risks and the best way to minimize the consequences of the market fluctuations.

Q. How many currency baskets does Globcoin have?

The first currency basket created by Globcoin is the Global Reserve Currency Index (GRCI), tokenized as the GLX stablecoin. Other currency baskets will be created on the Globcoin platform for specific groups or communities, specially designed according to their needs.